How To Clean My Transparent Lace Wig On Head?

How To Clean My Transparent Lace Wig On Head?
It is very important to wash the transparent lace wig regularly. Not only can keep the 13x4 transparent lace wig clean but also it is the key point to care for one human hair lace wig. When you received new Brazilian lace front wigs, we usually wash it before install our head. Most of the African women know how to wash transparent lace front wig before installing. While do you know how to wash your lace front wig Brazilian hair when your lace wig is on your head? Go ahead reading this blog, you will get the right answer.

The way to wash transparent lace wig whiles on head.

Once you installed your transparent lace wig, it is necessary to clean your human lace wig every two weeks. How to wash your affordable 13x4 lace front wig, below will give you the detailed steps.

Before wash your lace wig. You need to prepared some items: a bowl of warm water, a bottler top quality shampoo, a bottle of deep conditioner, one wide-tooth comb, a bottle of argan oil or olive oil.

Step 1. Before soaking your hair into the warm water, you need to make sure your lace wig glue attach on your forehead firmly without any loosen.

Step 2. Apply your shampoo into the warm water then use your finger to stir it, let the shampoo dissolved completely. Then soak your transparent lace wig into the water totally and wet all the hair on your lace wig. Using your finger rubs your hair gently for about 2-5 mins. Make sure the dust get rip of your scalp and your lace wig cleaned.

Step 3. Pour out the dirty warm water then change a blow of clean water, soak you body wave transparent lace wig into the clean water and wash it your human lace wig until the bubble get away from your hair.

Step 4. Apply your quality hair deep conditioners on your hd transparent lace front wig. Then use your finger to massage your scalp for 2-3 mins. Let the deep conditioner penetrate you hair totally.

Step 5. After past 3mins then you can use the warm water clean you transparent lace wig until there is any deep conditioner attach on your hair.

Step 6. After cleaning your lace front wig, use one clean towel wrapped 13x4 body wave lace front wig gently. Let the towel absorb the water on the head.

Step 7. You can put your transparent lace wig on one model head or flat on the clean towel and let the full lace wig Brazilian hair air dry. We do not suggest using the blow dry the hair that will damage the virgin human hair.

Step 8. After the hair is dry, you can apply some argan oil or olive oil on your transparent lace wig. It will help you make your lace front wig looks more shine and smooth.

Step 9. Now it’s time to style your transparent lace wig.

We all know that human hair lace wig is expensive, so that we should take care of our transparent lace wig, as long as you treat your lace wig as your own your hair, it will last longer.

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